Sea Belles


The purpose of this club shall be to promote friendship and unity among the women of the yacht club and to work in support of the yacht club and its activities.

On April 12, 1977, the Sea Belles organization was officially recognized as the women’s auxiliary of Huntington Harbour Yacht Club. More than just a monthly women’s social event, our members are dedicated to enhancing the amenities of our Club. Our monetary contributions are for those things that are needed and not necessarily budgeted. Additionally, we run the Ship’s Store. Membership is $30.00 annually.


Sea Belles meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month, except during June, July, and August. Meetings begin with social time at 10am, Sea Belles business meeting at 10:30am, speaker at 11am, and lunch ($20) at noon. They are fun and informative and we socialize during lunch. We don’t have meetings in June, July, and August. In addition, there are events during the summer and at others times as needed. Volunteers are welcome to assist in the many tasks performed by Sea Belles members for the good of HHYC.


Sea Belles is open to all women members of HHYC, with a membership fee of $30. As of January 2023, there are 133 members. You are more than welcome to attend the next Sea Belles Meeting or special event and check us out. Sea Belles is a great way to get more involved in your Club and make friends with a fabulous group of interesting, accomplished ladies from all walks of life. I hope we see you soon!

Anne Crowley: Sea Belles Captain. (714) 877-4453
Karen Branoff: First Mate/Membership. (714) 322-7997

Sea Belles Board Members

Captain – Anne Crowley
First Mate (Membership) – Karen Branoff
Keeper of the Log (Recording Secretary) – Margie Armstrong
Purser (Treasurer) – Shirley Wallace
Cruise Director (Program) – Katie Fortier
Navigator (Ways and Means) – Barbara Krammer
Ship’s Hailer – Cindy Barlow
Hospitality – Donna Carlow
Reservations –Maria Antos
Parliamentarian – Judy Cassidy
Ship’s Store – Wendy Watts/Jennifer Parsons
Sunshine – Barbara Blodgett

Sea Belles Membership Application

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