Reciprocal Docking and Dining Privileges

Reciprocal Docking and Dining Privileges

Invitations to our members to participate in other clubs.

It is always best to call ahead as the availability of slips and dining times vary greatly from club to club.
Please respect your hosts by conforming to the club’s dress regulations and decorum.

HHYC is pleased to welcome visitors from approved reciprocal yacht clubs.
We expect you will enjoy your stay at our Club.

The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club is a proud member of the Southern California Yachting Association and we welcome approved visiting SCYA members. Please make reservations in advance by contacting us at or 562.592.2186. Your current yacht club membership card is required for access to HHYC. Please also wear your club’s name tag, or a guest badge will be provided to you. Be aware that reciprocal privilege usage is limited to six visits per calendar year. For those arriving by boat, please contact the club for additional information.

Members of Yacht Clubs outside of Southern California

Requests for reciprocal privileges for non-SCYA club members may be sent to, at least one week prior to the intended visit. Please have your yacht club email a Letter of Introduction requesting the courtesy visit. Please be aware reciprocity with HHYC is limited and requests will be evaluated for approval on a case-by-case basis. The Letter of Introduction email must include specific dates. Approved reciprocal guests must present a current membership card and will be issues a guest pass during there stay. If you have any questions, please contact


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