Commodore’s Corner

Maria Antos

The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club’s mission is to create a welcoming environment where boating enthusiasts gather for friendship, community service and the furtherance of boating enjoyment within Huntington Harbour and throughout Southern California’s coastal waters.

Dear Huntington Harbour Yacht Club Family,

We have reached the end of the first quarter of 2024, and it has brought about many changes, whether planned, developed, or due to circumstances. Your Flag and Board of Directors have been meeting regularly to address these events, and I would like to take this moment to update you all.

Firstly, Vice Commodore Barry Menzel has chosen to resign from his position, effective at the end of February 2024. As a result, your Flag and Board followed the club bylaws, which dictate the procedures for such circumstances. They elected to promote Rear Commodore Steve Parsons to the position of Vice Commodore, and Fleet Captain Dawn Lentz to Rear Commodore.

Subsequently, the Flag and Board convened and appointed S/C Dean Oliver as Port Captain to assist with the club cruises scheduled for the year until a Fleet Captain can be appointed.

Additionally, in February, we bid farewell to Dee Dee Hall, our office manager, who left to accept a position as an Executive Secretary with another company. Once again, your Flag and Board convened and appointed Reese Eaton to handle the financial responsibilities in the front office, including payroll, bills, and membership dues.

Kelly Kaplan, who had been assisting Dee Dee Hall with rentals, has been appointed as the club Event Coordinator and is already making great progress.

Our Capital Committee has already begun addressing the deficiencies in our kitchen equipment, with a focus on improving food quality and presentation. Furthermore, our sound system has been upgraded to better meet the club’s and rental events’ needs.

We are also addressing other areas that require long-overdue improvements. These include interior and exterior club painting, termite repairs, cosmetic repairs around the club, installation of new metal sheeting to prevent water intrusion (as evidenced by recent storms), acquisition of a new club sign, purchase of a new kitchen stove hood to reduce smoke infiltration, procurement of new patio furniture, addressing roofing issues, and repairing the kitchen side door. We are in the process of organizing fundraisers to assist with these necessary improvements.

Vice Commodore Steve Parsons is currently planning our first Open House of the season on Sunday, April 7, 2024. This event will feature food and live music, bringing back our beloved “Concerts on the Bay.” Your support would greatly demonstrate to the visiting public how much our club enjoys having fun.

Rear Commodore Dawn Lentz has planned a variety of activities, including wine tasting, clam bakes, Texas Hold’em, Easter Brunch, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a Chili Cook Off. Additionally, we have our HHYC’s 59th Annual Opening Day on April 20, 2024, and we invite all of you to join us and enjoy this time-honored tradition. If you’re interested in participation in the Boat Parade on Opening Day, please email

Our first cruise of the season will take place this weekend at Alamitos Bay. You are all welcome to join the cruisers at the docks for a delightful shrimp bake and live music from Tony Howell.

Together, we can achieve our goals and make our club better than ever!!

Sincerely, Maria Antos, Commodore Huntington Harbour Yacht Club

Dear members of the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club,

On Sunday, November 5th, we had our change of watch ceremony. For those of you who were unable to attend, the ceremony introduced the new 2024 flag, appointed officers and board members and thanked the outgoing slate of officers. Attached is a list of the incoming 2024 slate of officers who will serve this coming year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing board members and officers for their hard work this past year and to welcome the new ones to a 2024 full of camaraderie and fun times.

This year, among other events, we held a great Halloween, a tremendous comedy and magic show, and we have great things planned for 2024. Fleet Captain Dawn Lentz is already working on the boat design for the Christmas parade as well as cruises to Avon, Isthmus, Newport Beach, Long Beach.

Emerald Bay, and a few surprise events. Rear Commodore Steve Parsons is working on several event ideas, including a toga party, a Texas Hold’em event, and many more. Vice Commodore Barry Menzel is working on events specifically for new members to introduce them to and get them involved in the club.

Planning for our yearly events is well underway. The Commodore Ball is on November 18th and is sold out. New Year’s Eve Vegas Casino Night event is in the works. And, the always popular Super Bowl Party is on the calendar. Be on the watch for the HHYC blasts publicizing these events and sign up early. Also, stay tuned for other events as planning for 2024 continues.

Our financial position is improving as noted in our letter to membership earlier this year. I anticipate an even better financial position in the year ahead which will allow us to make needed improvements to our building and our kitchen. The Capital Committee is already working to address deficiencies in the kitchen and with our sound system. Anticipate tweaks to our menu with a focus on food quality and delivery.

The 2024 dues notice will be mailed out soon. We are increasing dues by 6% in order to keep pace with inflation. Our strong financial showing in the second half of 2023 has enabled us to limit any additional increase above that. We hope our membership will understand this modest increase and look forward to you all maintaining your membership in the coming year.

As your Commodore I will do my very best to stay tuned to members concerns and address them. Make sure to visit this page often for periodic updates on club activities. Feel free to reach out to me directly, or to any member of the flag with questions, concerns, or suggestions. We all appreciate you, our members, and welcome your participation in 2024. Follow our blasts to see where your help/participation is needed. The best way to meet other members and get involved in the club is to volunteer.

In summary, I thank you all for supporting our club in 2023 and look forward to a great 2024.

Warm Regards,
Maria Antos,