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Huntington Harbour Yacht Club is located at 3821 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. Phone: (562) 592-2186


The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club's mission is to create a welcoming environment where boating enthusiasts gather for friendship, community service and the furtherance of boating enjoyment within Huntington Harbour and throughout Southern California's coastal waters.

Flag Officers: Left to Right: Commodore John Schmidt, Vice Commodore Dean Oliver, Rear Commodore Dedra Finninger, Fleet Captain Paul Degraw

Directors: (2016) 
Eve Jordan, Jim Cassidy, Lisa Johnston, George Rivera, Allen Murphy, Robert Flaig, Leslie Shaffer. 

Secretary: Jim Miller
Judge Advocate: John Norman
Fleet Surgeon: Mark Monroe, M.D.
Treasurer: Dave Crawley
House Comm. Co-Chairman: John Atton, Bill McCormick
Club Manager: Shirley Wallace


Southern California Yachting Assoc. (SCYA)
Kimberley Harrison

Yacht Racing Union of Southern Calif (YRUSC)
John Schmidt

Assoc. of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs (ASPBYC)
Dean Oliver, Paul DeGraw

Southern CA Youth Yacht Racing Assn (SCYYRA) 
Bill Wheeler, Dean Oliver

United States Sailing Association (USSA)
Jim Wallace, Dean Oliver

Int'l Order of Blue Gavel (IOBG)
Jon Fults, Mark Monroe, M.D.

Southern California Cruising Assoc. (SCCA)
Tom Collins, Bill McCormick

Yacht clubs are organized like any other club or organization with committees, chairman, directors etc etc. Due to the connection with the sea and hence the navy, the various posts use naval terminology.

For example the Chairman/CEO is the Commodore. Usually, under the Commodore there are also the Vice Commodore (in charge of all employees) and the Rear Commodore (in charge of all in-house activities); they are also assisted by the Port Captain and the Fleet Captain respectively. Each of these ranks has specific responsibilities to ensure the smooth running of the club.

Additionally, yacht clubs often have dress codes and many mandate a coat and tie while inside. We do not.

Commodore: Dean Oliver
Vice Commodore: Dedra Finninger
Rear Commodore: Paul DeGraw
Fleet Captain: John DeLaHaye


Fleet Surgeon, Dr. Mark Monroe

Judge Advocate, John Norman, esq.

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3821 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: (562) 592-2186

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