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Huntington Harbour Yacht Club is located at 3821 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. Phone: (562) 592-2186


The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club's mission is to create a welcoming environment where boating enthusiasts gather for friendship, community service and the furtherance of boating enjoyment within Huntington Harbour and throughout Southern California's coastal waters.

The Huntington Harbour Yacht Club was formed and incorporated in October, 1965. When it started the club met at the Barefoot Bar located on the beach at the Bay and Racquet Club on Warner Avenue until it moved into it's present clubhouse. In 1977 the Club signed a 30 year lease to it's present site with the City of Huntington Beach. The membership designed and built the original building and docks in 1977 and 1978. The original facilities were dedicated on April 15, 1978. The clubhouse was enlarged to it's present configuration with the addition of 3,000 square feet in April, 1984.

Since 1966 the Club has been a member of the Southern California Yachting Association, attaining senior membership in 1981. As a member of the SCYA the club members are entitled to reciprocity with all other recognized yacht clubs and the club frequently cruises to and enjoys the hospitality and facilities of the other yacht clubs in Southern California. When traveling HHYC members are welcomed at clubs all over the world.

From its inception the HHYC has participated in a active sailing program and is currently a member of the United States Sailing Association and many other regional sailing associations. The club's sailing school trains more than 40 young sailors each year and the competitive sailing program has produced a good number of nationally ranked sailors including crewmembers on the American entry in the America's Cup racing series.


In 1965, thirteen Harbourites met to form HHYC. These founding fathers were: Rick E. Allen, Herbert A. Buehler, Jack Caraco, Robert L. Cooper, A. Bayard Dod, Jr., Emil P. Fleschner, William R. Hardcastle, Ken Niles, Jerome E. Olson, David J. Thurm, Elmer S. Tuck, John Virtue and Thomas H. Welch.

These thirteen original members were each permitted to sponsor two new members, who in return could bring in two more members. During this formative stage, the Club operated under Chariman Bill Hardcastle, Vice Chairman Jack Caraco, Treasurer Elmer Tuck and Membership Chairman Jerry Olson.

The corporate charter is dated October 4, 1965.

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3821 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 Phone: (562) 592-2186

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